Product and Features

Embeddable widget

Want to display referral and reward data to your users on your app, but want to avoid having to invest the front-end work required to do so?

Add our embedded widget as quickly as our SDK to your website and capture referral links/codes, see what rewards they've used and how many folks have clicked their links, completed objectives, and etc.

Want something with more sharing power that just a code? Generate referral links with us instead to make driving traffic to your site even more seamless for your users. Yes, we white-label links too!

On/Off Chain Conversions

Want to payout users in a token of your choice for minting a token, transferring into a staking pool, use of a smart contract, or just simply drive signups on your website or dApp? We've got you covered with a wide variety of integration options via our SDK, Embeddable widget or no code program pages.

ChainVine SDK

Want more control over your conversion events and metrics? Get integrated in minutes with our simple and intuitive SDK and scale that feature or upstart into mass adoption.

Once integrated, we handle the tracking and reporting so you can focus on the fun parts:

  • capturing and measuring ChainVine referral link traffic to your app with ease

  • sending conversion events from custom internal business logic

  • generating referral links or codes wherever you want in your app or marketing campaigns

  • objective or token gate user experiences

  • incorporate referral programs into your third party provider logic

Did we mention we're open to new features and ideas too 👉 head over to our feedback form if you'd like to brainstorm with us!


Monitor performance throughout the referral funnel from clicks all the way to revenue driven by affiliate. Track and export your data in any way you'd like.

Automated rewards payouts

ChainVine automates all your reward payouts. We spin up a Gnosis Safe (EVM only) on your behalf that we leverage to enable users to harvest their own rewards. Just remember to fill up your safe as your campaign takes off.

Payout in any tokens.

ChainVine lets you pay your community however you'd like. ChainVine lets you create multiple rewards in a single campaign and set token type, static amount or variable rewards! Payout rewards in YOUR token...or any other ERC-20/721 for that matter.


Incite friendly competition with ChainVine's leaderboard. You know it, we know it, @daoex_app knows it. Everyone loves a leaderboard! Leaderboards ignite that competitive spark in people that get's them motivated to refer more people to your site.

Affiliate gating

Control who can gain access to a referral link by turning on referral gating! You can also whitelist addresses in advance for a friction-free referral flow! Our friends at @LidoFinance know how annoying alpha hunters can be.

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