Technical Overview

The developer documentation is split into 5 separate sections

The best place to start if you're looking to integrate with ChainVine, this section outlines the most common integrations with examples for each.

If the examples don't cover your exact needs please feel free to reach out to us on Telegram where the team will happily answer any questions and help you on your integration journey.

This section outlines how to integrate the embeddable widget into your web application, allowing your users to engage in your referral program without leaving your site.

Our widget is available at:

The widget is customizable to fit multiple form factors and supports light and dark modes - whatever your use case, we've got you covered!

The bread and butter of your integration, the SDK serves as a useful client to simplify interacting with your referral program programmatically.

For ease of use, we've split the SDK into two types of client:

  • ChainvineClient: used for program/community level operations, where the actions are not tied to any specific user

  • ChainvineUser: used for user level operations, where the actions are directly tied to a specific user

The ChainvineUser class extends ChainvineClient so all general program operations are also available when operating in a user-specific context

Our SDK is available at:

Expose an endpoint for ChainVine to send you updated on user events that occur within ChainVine, we currently support notifications for:

  • When users join your program

  • When users complete program actions

  • When users earn a reward

Should you wish to interact with ChainVine without using the SDK, we do expose a RESTful API which you can interact with directly.

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