On ChainVine

This guide outlines how a user can claim rewards themselves on https://app.chainvine.xyz.

1. Log in to ChainVine with your wallet

a. Visit https://app.chainvine.xyz

b. Connect your wallet

2. Sign up as a Partner

a. Link your Twitter account

b. Fill out the form and apply

c. Wait for the ChainVine team to approve your request

3. Open the Earning Drawer

You can open the earning drawer by clicking on the Pill Button next to your DAvatar a the top right of the screen.

4. Claim Eligible Rewards in the Rewards Tab

If a user has eligible rewards that can be paid out, their "Claim Rewards" button in the Claimable Rewards section of the drawer will be enabled.

Once a user clicks Claim Rewards, ChainVine will handle paying out the user.

5. View your own user and referrer activity in the Activity Tab

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